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MiXimum is what any disc jockey has ever dreamt of. This excellent free audio mixing tool provides you not only with all the tools you need to mix your audio files accurately, but also with a plethora of other features, such as the possibility of recording your sessions, of creating audio lists, and of adding numerous audio effects.

MiXimum’s interface may look a bit intimidating at first glance due to the overwhelming collection of features and mixing controls it displays. However, everything you see on the screen is perfectly documented, with tips showing up every time you hover your mouse over a new area. The default layout will show you various lists of music files, but you can change that easily to show either waveforms of the two tracks playing or the looks of two turntables, for you to apply scratching and reversing effects.

The program requires you to define at least one “library list”, from where files can be dragged and dropped into the cue list. You are allowed to define any number of library and cue lists, combining them in any way you wish. You can also change your current song selection and their playing order at any time using convenient shortcuts and simple mouse clicks. The mixing itself can be automated, allowing you to define fixed and random transition times. The results are seamless, smooth, and also surprisingly natural. The audio can be equalized, and some of the audio effects supported include reverb, echo, chorus, flange, rotation, etc.

I do not want to leave out one of the “extra” features that I liked most – the possibility of recording your mixing sessions and of appending those recordings to your current library and cue lists right away.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Excellent interface with high-quality graphics
  • Compact layout that brings together an overwhelming set of features
  • Extremely easy to use - you do not need to be a pro DJ to enjoy it


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